Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks

This book has been hard for me to get into. Its written really well and the story line is good, it is just not holding my interest.
So there is not much I can say really. Its about a mom telling a story that happened years ago to her grieving daughter. The daughter is having a hard time getting over the death of her husband.
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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Comments and Suggestions

Hey! So if there is a book that you would like me to review and see if it is any good let me know. I will take the suggestion look it up and then see if it something I would like to read! :) I am really not all that into sience fiction or horror books although a good Dean Koontz book is always fun to read! :)

Just comment me and let me know if there is something you want! :)

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PS the next book review will be Nicholas Sparks' Nights in Rodanthe

Sunday's at Tiffany's by James Patterson

Most of (whether we admit it or not) had an imaginary friend when we were little. They were our best friends and the "person" we told everything they to. The didn't judge us, ridicule us, or berate us. They were there just for us.

This book is a wonderful story about the love of an imaginary friend and the bond that we create with them. Even though as we are growing up and realize that we no longer need them, they are still apart of our history. Part of our story.

James Patterson is one the greatest writers of our time. He has proven that he can write anything. He is amazing. He puts a lot of feelings an emotions in to these 3 stories I have reviewd so far. When the character laughs, we laugh. When they cry we cry. For an author who writes mostly murder mysteries and deals mostly blood and creating believable crime plots he also appears to have a sensitive side and can tap into that for creating wonderful stories. I do not have to mention his knack for creating believable characters that we love and hate. Like his stories, his characters have depth and unique personalities.

In my opinion there are not many better authors than James Patterson!

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Sam's Letters to Jennifer by James Patterson

Since I am up at 1 am I thought that I would post a book review...maybe even 2!!

This book is amazing. Growing up we think we know how our family works. We think we know all there is to know about them. After we grow up we learn, we knew nothing!

Jennifer is Sam's granddaughter and the two women are very close to each other. Sam (aka Samantha) wrote Jennifer letters that told the story of her life. In these letters Jennifer fells closer to her grandmother than ever, but at the same time is learning that things in her life were not at all what she thought they were. The rose colored glasses are coming off for Jennifer.

We should all be so lucky as to have letters like these from loved ones. Especially from out grandparents who we do hold in very high regard! I could not put this book down!!! It was well written and a great read! This story will have you laughing, crying and shouting! Every single emotion is rolled up into this book.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson

Normally when you think of James Patterson you think of of murder, mystery and Alex Cross. The books this man writes are terrific. He is a brilliant writer and great story teller.

In Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas he reminds us just how brilliant he is! Normally I go for the Alex Cross type novels where love and romance are a sideline and not a mainstream concept. However, this book is all about love, romance, family and filled with emotions. While I was reading this book I kept looking at the cover to make sure I was not reading a Nicholas Sparks novel.

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas is a diary that Suzanne starts for her infant son Nicholas. She wants him to know who she, what she stands for and everybit of the story between her and Matthew, Nicholas' father. The reader of the diary is Kate, who you find out right away is in love with Matthew. He leaves the diary for her to read.

This book has you laughing, smiling a lot and crying. I enjoyed this book so much that I read it in one day and ran out to the library and immediately got the other two that are similar to this one. You will love this book, but you will also have to remind yourself that this is a James Patterson Novel and not Nicholas Sparks!

So enjoy. Until next time....

P.S. the next book review will be Sam's Letters to Jennifer!

Hey! Grab a cup o' Joe and Settle in!

I, I LOVE reading. I especially enjoy reading good books. Of course I have read a few lemons as well. Books are part of who I am and I will read pretty much anything that I can get my hands on. Fiction, Non-fiction, Biographies, Self-help, and much much more.

Originally I have thought about starting a book club and I still might when I have a little more time on my hands to coordinate one. Right now what I decided to do is write a review of the books that I do read. You can usually tell by reading the back of the book whether or not you will enjoy the book and most times you will be accurate. Still I find that it is always nice to read what other people think of a particular book that I am about to read.

I would love for suggestions on books to read and review. This blog is for adult books. To clarify when I state adult I mean literature or books that adults would read, not porn type stuff. :) I am going to be starting a blog for children's literature called Hot Chocolate Pages. Which I will do most of the posting on, but will be letting my daughter do some of the posting as well.

So enjoy and until next time....

P.S. the first book I will be reviewing is Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas, by James Patterson.