Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday's at Tiffany's by James Patterson

Most of (whether we admit it or not) had an imaginary friend when we were little. They were our best friends and the "person" we told everything they to. The didn't judge us, ridicule us, or berate us. They were there just for us.

This book is a wonderful story about the love of an imaginary friend and the bond that we create with them. Even though as we are growing up and realize that we no longer need them, they are still apart of our history. Part of our story.

James Patterson is one the greatest writers of our time. He has proven that he can write anything. He is amazing. He puts a lot of feelings an emotions in to these 3 stories I have reviewd so far. When the character laughs, we laugh. When they cry we cry. For an author who writes mostly murder mysteries and deals mostly blood and creating believable crime plots he also appears to have a sensitive side and can tap into that for creating wonderful stories. I do not have to mention his knack for creating believable characters that we love and hate. Like his stories, his characters have depth and unique personalities.

In my opinion there are not many better authors than James Patterson!

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