Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sam's Letters to Jennifer by James Patterson

Since I am up at 1 am I thought that I would post a book review...maybe even 2!!

This book is amazing. Growing up we think we know how our family works. We think we know all there is to know about them. After we grow up we learn, we knew nothing!

Jennifer is Sam's granddaughter and the two women are very close to each other. Sam (aka Samantha) wrote Jennifer letters that told the story of her life. In these letters Jennifer fells closer to her grandmother than ever, but at the same time is learning that things in her life were not at all what she thought they were. The rose colored glasses are coming off for Jennifer.

We should all be so lucky as to have letters like these from loved ones. Especially from out grandparents who we do hold in very high regard! I could not put this book down!!! It was well written and a great read! This story will have you laughing, crying and shouting! Every single emotion is rolled up into this book.

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